Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights
Public lighting is key for the development of communities at night: free movement of people and goods, the opportunity for economic activities, security on the roads, and social gatherings. Currently, for off-grid applications there is only one real choice: Solar Street Lights. They offer a practical and low- cost solution where grid connection is not available, and in situations where grid energy is limited and needs to be  conserved or better used.

Our Access to Energy Solar Street Lights provide  safe, reliable and economical road and area  lighting to populations living in rural communities,  peri-urban and urban communities. Our lighting  solutions provide a high level of lighting output  to increase visibility and security for everyone  (pedestrians, cyclists, women, children, secondary  road users, refugee camps, communities,  businesses, markets etc.) without the need for grid a connection.


  • A turnkey solution for rural applications
  • Low maintenance and high durability
  • Compatible with international lighting standards
  • Completely independent from the grid

Technical Characteristics

  • LIGHTING: 130 or 150 Lumen / Watt – best chip CREE or OSRAM quality – Life Hours 50,000 h
  • LUMINOUS FLUX: area configuration 1600 to 2800 lumens (per side) – road configuration: 6500 to 7500 lumens
  • SOLAR PANEL: Starting from 200 Wp – Poly Crystalline PV
  • BATTERY: 110 Ah VRLA Gel
  • SUGGESTED MOUNTING HEIGHT: from 5 to 8 meters

Optional Special Features

  • USB or Electrical Plugs for device charging (laptop, phone, etc...)
  • 3G / 4G Built in Router
  • Security and surveillance systems
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