Positive impact

Desert Technologies is committed to making a positive impact through Sustainable Economic Development

At Desert Technologies, we believe that private enterprise must be at the forefront of promoting sustainable economic development. As a Renewable Energy and Clean  Water company with major operations in developing and emerging markets, dt was founded to address the goals of sustainable development and impact investment.  We work in less developed nations providing access to energy and clean water, as well providing job opportunities and vocational training.


Our belief in sustainability applies to all our stakeholders. Our projects must be sustainable for our clients, sustainable for the environment and communities in which  the projects are located, sustainable for our employees and sustainable for our shareholders.


DT is a member of the Global Impact Investment Network (GIN), a subscriber to the UN Global Compact and aims to directly address at least 6 of the United Nation’s  17 Sustainable Development Goals targeting a better world by 2030.

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